From cigarettes to vaping - to breathing deep

Posted by Vapor Palace on 11/12/2018

I've owned Vaporpalace since 2012. When I first got into vaping ejuice, i was SO EXCITED with all the flavors available. I wasn't much of a Fruity vapor guy, more of a Tobacco and Bakery Flavor vapor.

You see, I was addicted to cigarettes until I discovered vaping. I fell in love with Vaping! After a while, my friends and family realized I vaped more than I smoked cigarettes. To an extent that was true; vaping eliquid sure tasted better, plus I could control the amount of nicotine that I wanted to consume.

But if you are like me, then you still snuck in a cigarette every now and again even though you have been vaping all day.

So i decided to take control of my habit. I gradually lowered the nicotine percentage over the course of 6 months. I started vaping at 24mg and went all the way down to 3mg (which is what we get alot of orders for and I prefer), then to 0mg. However, I STILL craved a smoke every now and again.

It wasn't until I asked myself, "What is the positive intention for smoking cigarettes?" When I asked myself that question, that's when everything changed...

I discovered the reason I was smoking to begin with was that I wanted to rebel and be cool , "fit-in"... But now a days, its cool NOT to smoke.

Then I asked myself another question..."Is there another action I could take (besides smoking) that would fulfill that SAME positive intention of "being cool, fitting in?"
And YES, there were plenty of other actions I could take that would fulfill "being cool". One of then was creating a YouTube Channel and become an "Influence marketer". So now instead of holding a cigarette, I am holding my Canon, shooting videos and taking photos for my Instagram.

I'm Breathing Deep and feeling Better Everyday!
Vape Well!

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