The Most Popular eJuice at the Palace

Posted by Admin on 5/15/2019

Out of all the years Vaporpalace has been running. The main ejuice hands down, has been Cowboy Tobacco. Now I'll admit, when I first started vaping, I wasn't looking for something to taste like a cigarette, I was looking to quit smoking (and have successfully done so for the past 9 months now) so I leaned more toward the custards and fruits. I thought it was amazing when I found a way to curb my nicotine habit with the taste of vanilla custard or peanut butter cups. I enjoyed vaping for many years until I finally worked my way down to ZERO Nicotine eJuice and then finally quit all together.

However most of our Palace patrons decide to opt for more of the tobacco flavors. Which is all well and good, I just wanted to give you guys a list of our Top 5 eLiquids.

So enjoy browsing our inventory and use coupon code VAPOR10 for 10% off your purchase ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!

Vape Well!

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