The Social Landscape: Acceptance and e-Cigarettes

Posted by Admin on 7/22/2014
Gone are the days of Mad Men and smoking cigarettes freely in the office. In those days, everyone was doing it – it was the socially acceptable thing to do. Over the years, however, smoking has increasingly been viewed negatively by society for a number of reasons. Many people still smoke, however, and they are left to deal with the impact it can leave on their social lives. Again, this is where e-cigarettes are a much more attractive option.

Don’t Break the Bank: Vaping is Cheaper

Posted by Admin on 7/21/2014
Let’s face it, smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit. Back in 1980, you could buy a pack of cigarettes for $1. By the 90s, the price was up to $2. These days, cigarettes can cost anywhere from $7 to $12 a pack – depending on where you live. When you really crunch the numbers, smoking cigarettes adds up. Taxes play a big role in this price hike. In 2009, the federal tax was raised from 39 cents up to $1.01 per pack. Then you have to add in state taxes – those can vary. In the end, taxes end up being around 20% of the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

Vaping is the Answer: Benefits over Traditional Cigarettes

Posted by Admin on 7/18/2014
Many people make the switch to e-cigarettes because they’re looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Over the next few posts, we’re going to take a look at some of the major benefits that e-cigarette use has over traditional smoking.
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