No Longer Shipping to Texas

Posted by Administrator on 10/1/2015
No Longer Shipping to TX due to SB97

History of Vaping

Posted by mike on 3/10/2015
 History of Vaping

Only in recent years have smoking electronic cigarettes become a daily norm. Learn about the history of vapor cigarettes at VaporPalace.com!

A Clean Electronic Cigarette for Successful Vaping

Posted by Vapor Palace on 1/15/2015
A Clean Electronic Cigarette for Successful Vaping
The more you use your e cigarette, the more it will become cluttered with dirt, dust, and residue. Not only is this buildup unhealthy to inhale, but it will also lead your electronic cigarette to live a fairly short life.

How to Recycle your Electronic Cigarette

Posted by Vapor Palace on 1/1/2015
One of the great benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes is the ability to reduce waste. Here’s how!

Are eCigs and eJuice a better alternative?

Posted by Administrator on 10/21/2014
Lets take a look at what other people are saying when it comes to Vaping. What effects have you noticed since you switched? Or do you still smoke sometimes?

Electronic cigarette info

Posted by Chris Lloyd on 10/21/2014
An electronic cigarette is an exciting new device that delivers nicotine or non nicotine through electronic cigarettes cartridges. These electronic cigarettes use a revolutionary new invention called an atomizer that heats up the liquid nicotine or non nicotine in the electronic cigarette cartridges and turns this liquid into a smokeless and waterless vapor produced from the electronic cigarette.

The Social Landscape: Acceptance and e-Cigarettes

Posted by Admin on 7/22/2014
Gone are the days of Mad Men and smoking cigarettes freely in the office. In those days, everyone was doing it – it was the socially acceptable thing to do. Over the years, however, smoking has increasingly been viewed negatively by society for a number of reasons. Many people still smoke, however, and they are left to deal with the impact it can leave on their social lives. Again, this is where e-cigarettes are a much more attractive option.

Don’t Break the Bank: Vaping is Cheaper

Posted by Admin on 7/21/2014
Let’s face it, smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit. Back in 1980, you could buy a pack of cigarettes for $1. By the 90s, the price was up to $2. These days, cigarettes can cost anywhere from $7 to $12 a pack – depending on where you live. When you really crunch the numbers, smoking cigarettes adds up. Taxes play a big role in this price hike. In 2009, the federal tax was raised from 39 cents up to $1.01 per pack. Then you have to add in state taxes – those can vary. In the end, taxes end up being around 20% of the cost of a pack of cigarettes.

Vaping is the Answer: Benefits over Traditional Cigarettes

Posted by Admin on 7/18/2014
Many people make the switch to e-cigarettes because they’re looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Over the next few posts, we’re going to take a look at some of the major benefits that e-cigarette use has over traditional smoking.

Reward Point Program

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Meet the 'Vapers': E-cigarette craze inspires bizarre new sub-culture

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The Trend of 'VAPORS is catching on!
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