The Benefits of Buying Bulk Vape Juice

There is value on a number of fronts for buying bulk vape juice. When you work directly with your vendor, you get personalized service that speaks to your wants and needs. You should be able to buy in a number of bulk sizes and a mix of different flavors. Prices are based on quantities, so you are sure to save money. When you buy directly from the source--like Vapor Palace--you are cutting out the middle man and paying only for the product and labor. Most of the time you are not paying for shipping from one warehouse to another. When you are able to build your own brand you can make choices of all of the following:

·         Ingredients

·         Compounding of Flavors

·         Formulation Method

Oftentimes when you buy bulk vape juice you get free shipping as well, another cost-effective way to save on your purchase. Also, if you’re using a vape device that burns through juice at a rapid rate, you will always have more around so you don’t have to be concerned about running low or completely out.

As well, there’s no need to be concerned about your large bottles of e-juice going bad. Storing it properly keeps it safe for quite a while. Keep the juice in the refrigerator or freezer in order to maximize its lifespan. Using glass bottles for storage can keep the e-liquids in good condition for at least a year or so. You can always tell if the e-juice is no longer good by the way it smells (bad) or its color (undissolved sediment).

If you don’t want to commit to buying bulk vape juice in just one flavor, you can share large bottles with a few friends. When you order together you can take advantage of e-juice at a reduced price, and also have access to several different flavors. Visit to learn about buying bulk e-juices. You can save money on your favorite flavors and always have your brand ready when you want it. We sell bulk vape e-juices in small, medium, and large quantities. Stock up and save when you rely on our crew to provide you with plenty of the taste you love.

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