Sub-Ohm Vaping

Posted by Chris on 10/29/2015

Our view on Sub-Ohm Vaping

Wow...Sub-Ohm vaping is the way vaping should be! We've been in business since 2012 and we started out with those little ecigs (that they still sell at gas stations...smh) that lite up on the front and looked like an actual cigarette. God those sucked. But its what was out at he time. The way electronic cigarettes has evolved has really brought out the best in vaping.
The new Kangertech SUBOX Mini is the way an E-cig should be. I've personally never tasted so much flavor from our eLiquids. Right now I'm vaping on our Zen Master eJuice as I'm writing this. We made this flavor by accident. We were testing out a flavor on a dripper and we put apple cinnamon on top of Caramel hazelnut, added a touch of banana and vanilla...and PAH!...its my new ADV! It has a very "savory" taste to it (which I love, but is not for everyone). If you are into fruity flavors, try our Strawberries and Cream eJuice, its simple and delicious.

But I digress, lets get back to sub-ohming. We found out that when vaping with a Sub-Ohm cartomizer, you don't want to vape over a 6mg eLiquid. Why? Because the Sub-ohm cartomizer releases a lot of vapor. I always vape at 6mg strength, but when I switched from the Mini Spinner 2 to the Kanger SUBOX... I had to go down to 3mg nicotine. Not only does it release a lot of flavor, it releases a lot of nicotine (hence the reason to vape 6mg or less). It produces such a cloud that you'll fog up your car in a couples hits with the windows up. So don't sub-ohm while driving. LOL.

So for the the newbie vapors out there, this really isn't for you. My friends that don't really vape, can't seem to hit the SUBOX correctly. If I were you, just stick to what you know until you are ready to invest in the e-cig equipment. That's why we still carry our "Newbie Line" of eGo-T starter kitsand Spinner 2 Batteries. But for the real Cloud Chasers, try out theKanger SUBOX Mini...its well worth it!

Vape on Y'all!

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