Pick Your Poison – Candy Vape Flavors

Posted by Vapor Palace on 4/18/2018

If you got a sweet tooth and need something to satisfy it while you vape, a campy flavor vape juice from Vapor Palace may be the right option for you! Check out some of the options we have to offer:

  • Cotton Candy E-Juice – One of our most popular E-juices, this selection is the perfect option for someone who is interested in a sweet vape selection. This delicious option brings back memories of heading out to the carnival and enjoying the real thing!
  • Gummy Bear E-Juice – Are you a fan of all things gummy? Then you will love this E-juice. People have said that it tastes like if you opened a pack of gummy bears and ate all of them at once.
  • Licorice E-Juice – Licorice is one of the most divisive candy flavors out there. Either you love it or you hate it. If you are on the love it side or the argument, then you will most certainly enjoy this rich, aromatic E-juice.

Enjoy unique and delicious vape juice when you shop with us! We offer selections made with fresh, food-grade ingredients that are kosher. You can order 50ml E-juice selections for regular vaping or select a 100ml bottle if you love the flavor.

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