No Longer Shipping to Texas

Posted by Administrator on 10/1/2015

Texas says NO to online eLiquid sales (SB97)

I'm sure this is going to cause quite a shock to Texas Vapers. Our awesome governor has decided to protect the children and make sure that you are over 18 yrs of age. Not only that, the state of Texas wants us to forward all your information to the Texas Comptroller. There, your info would be stored in their servers (which could be vulnerable to hackers), charge you an extra $6 and have you sign upon delivery. Due to this nonsense, we have decided that we just will longer sell our products to Texas. You can still go down to your local vapor shop and purchase all the vapor accessories you need. But if you'd like to enjoy vaping our ejuice again, ask your local vapor store to carry our eLiquids.

How are they going to enforce it?
That's the big question? If we sell any ecig/eliquid products to Texas (online) then we could be charged with a misdemeanor. However, they don't enforce misdemeanors across state lines. This allows out of state vapor vendors sell to Texas at there own risk. We don't see how they are going to stop that. So there is still hope that you can order ejuice online, just not from us. There are plenty of other vendors out there that I'm sure will find quite easily.

We are very sorry to our fellow Texans, your business will be missed :(

If you want to read the full legislation Click Here. Please feel free to write your representatives and talk to them about SB97. Just leave them a voicemail if you have to. Let them know how you feel about this legislation.

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