Meet the 'Vapers': E-cigarette craze inspires bizarre new sub-culture

Posted by Administrator on 5/16/2013
 Looks like "Vapers" are exploring the new way to smoke. The trend of vapor cigarettes is catching on! The say the vapors they inhale from an electronic cigarette are far safer than all the chemicals you get when compared to a classic cigarette while still supplying the same buzz as nicotine.
This emerging subculture of smokers is obsessed with the customizable wizz-bang technology of electronic cigarettes. Some 'vapers' spend thousands to trick out their smoking pieces with the newest upgrades. 
There are so many people making the switch from the traditional way of smoking to the new way of "Vaping". People are getting creative and are taking the "The Custom Ecig" to a whole new level! Check out these  Vape Mods!

Source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2324697/Meet-vapers-E-cigarette-craze-inspires-bizarre-new-sub-culture.html

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