How to Recycle your Electronic Cigarette

Posted by Vapor Palace on 1/1/2015

One of the great benefits of smoking electronic cigarettes over tobacco cigarettes is the ability to reduce waste. Walking down the street, you’re likely to find hundreds of cigarette butts littering the ground, which is avoided when we use smokeless cigarettes! Did you know that many disposable electronic cigarettes, batteries, and adapters can be recycled, further helping the environment? Here’s how!

Recycle your e-cigarette batteries. Many companies and businesses will collect your old batteries and recycle them properly for you. Give your local Best Buy or Radio Shack a call to see if they will collect your old batteries. You can also call your local recycling center for insight on where you can bring your batteries to be recycled.

E-Liquid Bottle Recycling. Glass bottles can be recycled along with other glass products, such as jars or bottles. Simply toss them into a glass recycling bin! Certain plastic cartridges can also be recycled. If you can, find out what kind of plastic is being used in your bottle and reach out to your local recycling group to see if they will accept that kind of plastic to be recycled.

E-Cigarette Recycling Programs are one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to recycle your old device. Many companies offer programs in which you can receive free cartridges in exchange for your old ones to be recycled. A simple online search will result in dozens of these companies!

As you can see, recycling your smokeless cigarette and its accessories isn’t hard and it’s a great way to help protect the environment!

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