Don’t Break the Bank: Vaping is Cheaper

Posted by Admin on 7/21/2014
Let’s face it, smoking cigarettes is an expensive habit. Back in 1980, you could buy a pack of cigarettes for $1. By the 90s, the price was up to $2. These days, cigarettes can cost anywhere from $7 to $12 a pack – depending on where you live. When you really crunch the numbers, smoking cigarettes adds up. Taxes play a big role in this price hike. In 2009, the federal tax was raised from 39 cents up to $1.01 per pack. Then you have to add in state taxes – those can vary. In the end, taxes end up being around 20% of the cost of a pack of cigarettes. A pack-a-day smoker can spend over $300 per month. This doesn’t include the other costs of smoking, like lighters and ash trays, either. In the long run, vaping is much cheaper than smoking cigarettes. Admittedly, some of the entry costs of a starter kit are a bit higher, the month-to-month cost of vaping is less than half when compared to traditional cigarettes. And with VaporPalace.com, you can always take advantage of our deals! Each Tuesday you can get 10% off e-cigarette hardware. Each Friday you can get 15% off all e-Juice. So let the saving begin!

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