Can I Vape Here?

Posted by Vapor Palace on 4/2/2018

Vaping is different from smoking. When you vape, you do not make the same intense smells that come from a cigarette. While they are more pleasant, there are still people who are desperate to regulate vaping. Before you start ripping clouds on an airplane or in the middle of a crowded store, it is essential to know when and where you can vape.

One of the most prominent aspects to vaping is that it is not covered under many federal and state smoke-free indoor regulations. This is due to the fact that these regulations were written before vaping came to prominence. Many individual cities have begun banning vaping in restaurants and workplaces, but it really is up to the individual business. Vape experts have one excellent piece of advice that anyone who wants to vape can use – just ask before you hit it! Most bars and other vape stores welcome people who vape.

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