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Vapor Palace knows customers value premium quality and selection, so we provide one of the most highly customizable E-cig vapor liquid on the market. We are so serious about options that we offer more than 500 different ways to enjoy the best vapor flavors for sale from Vapor Palace. All you have to do is build your own flavor and you are set.

Choose your vapor experience:

  • 100 premium flavors, 30 E-juice plus flavors, and custom E-juice options
  • Two bottle sizes – 15ml and 30 ml
  • Five nicotine level options ranging from 0-24 mg
  • Five custom propylene glycol (PG) to vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio options
  • Double the flavor for just $1 more

When you shop online with us, you can rest assured that you are receiving handmade selections using only the best ingredients available. Take a look at our choices when you are seeking new vapor liquid for an E-cig. Our online business caters to individuals looking for distinct and exciting vape experiences.

Let your eJuice Steep

All of our eLiquid is made-to-order. So in order for you to experience the full flavor, you may need to let your eJuice "Steep"' for 5-10 days. Some flavors taste just fine right when you receive them, but just like a fine wine, eJuice gets better with time. Now we are coming out with Pre-steeped flavors soon. In fact, some of them already are. We will be creating a new section to the website in 2015 specifically for "Pre-steeped" eLiquid. So just remember to steep your eJuice.

Customize Your Vapor Flavor with eJuice MIX

Have an idea for a great flavor combination? Our 30 eJuice Plus flavors give you the option to add a second flavor for free. Some vape vendors only give you single flavor options, but Vapor Palace has the Best EJuice and gives you the freedom to mix! With 9 different add-on flavors, eJuice Plus gives you more than 250 flavor combinations.

Create Your Own Vape with Custom eJuice

You don’t have to know a Palace minion to mix up a personalized eJuice. Our Custom eJuice lets you call the shots. Choose up to 5 flavors to mix from more than 60 available. Completely customize your experience with the Best EJuice by choosing your bottle size, nicotine level, PG:VG ratio, or doubling the flavor.

Indulge Yourself in the E Cig Liquid Vapor Vault

If you’re looking for some serious flavor expertise, check out our Minion Mixes or our Palace Perfections in the Vapor Vault. Our Palace minions have spent many hours measuring and perfecting the Best EJuice creation down to the drop. The amazing flavors just keep coming, so stay tuned to the Vapor Vault.

Our Ingredients

Vapor Palace makes its eJuice and E Cig Liquid with all-natural kosher USP grade vegetable glycerin and kosher USP grade propylene glycol. Unlike many lower quality vapor products, our ingredients and eJuice are made in the USA.


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