A Clean Electronic Cigarette for Successful Vaping

Posted by Vapor Palace on 1/15/2015
A Clean Electronic Cigarette for Successful Vaping

The more you use your e cigarette, the more it will become cluttered with dirt, dust, and residue. Not only is this buildup unhealthy to inhale, but it will also lead your electronic cigarette to live a fairly short life. Luckily, it isn’t hard to learn how to clean an e cig tank, even if you’ve never cleaned one before. All it takes is some precision and patience!

Prior to cleaning your e cigarette, you’ll want to have paper towels and cotton swabs on hand. First, unscrew the tank and pour any excess liquid into an old container to be tossed. Run the tank under clean, warm water until any old e liquid residue is gone. At this point, you can use the cotton swabs and paper towels to carefully clean out the walls of the tank and body of the e cigarette.

Once the tank is clean, allow it to dry completely before reuse. Allow it to air dry or run it beneath a low-running fan. For an extra-deep clean, use rubbing alcohol to rid of any excess germs or dust. Again, let your e cigarette tank fully dry before re-use.  

Once your e cigarette is completely dry, reassemble your device and it should run as good as new! To maintain a clean device that runs properly for as long as possible, you should clean your e cigarette frequently, especially when you notice any buildup.

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