History of Vaping

Posted by mike on 3/10/2015
 History of Vaping

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, the Chinese pharmacist who invented the practice only received his patent for the technology in 2003! Now, almost 12 years later, there are over 400 different brands of e-cigarettes on the market.

It took three years for Americans and Europeans to be introduced to the e-cigarette. At that time, manufacturers promoted it as a way for smokers to reduce their dependency on regular cigarettes. Unfortunately at the time, research couldn’t definitively show that e-cigarettes help people to stop smoking, so governmental agencies placed restrictions on their sale.

In some cases, manufacturers began to market e-cigarettes as tobacco products. This resulted in increased regulation by the federal government around 2010. These controls motivated people to perform more research on this product, and scientists found that e-cigarettes actually CAN help people quit smoking. So far, however, manufacturers are still barred from advertising e-cigarettes as smoking cessation aids, although many vapers smoke electronic cigarettes for this very reason.

As research continues, scientists have discovered that there are much fewer nitrosamines in e-cigarettes than in regular cigarettes, making them healthier alternatives. In addition, e-cigarettes contain nitrosamines in the same amounts as the NicoDerm CQ patch, further suggesting that they can be used as a way to wean off of smoking cigarettes.

As compared to regular tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarettes are generally better for your health and there are many ways to enjoy them. Products such as the Kanger tank make vaping taste even better than it ordinarily does!

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